Fun in the Snow

This past Tuesday we took you up to Lake Tahoe for your third ski lesson. After being in class all day, we decided to pull the car over on our way home and let you make a snowman. It was a lot of fun, especially seeing you trying to navigate the snow that was knee high on you.

Fun in the Snow

Nap Time

Getting you to lay down for your afternoon naps is always a challenge..but yesterday you made it quite hilarious.

Me: Aya, it’s time for your nap.
Aya: *crying*
Me: Get your blanket and lets go upstairs for your nap.
Aya: *crying* Nooooo!
Me: Aya, crying is not going to help you, let’s go.

After a little work we finally reach your bedroom and you begin to give me endless excuses as to why you cannot take a nap now.

Me: OK, in to bed Aya.
Aya: No, I need mommy!
Me: Aya, mommy is busy, get in the bed please.
Aya: Um, no, I need a vitamin!
Me: You know you only get one vitamin a day. Please get into your bed.
Aya: I need to take a shower!
Me: Maybe after your nap.
Aya: I have to go potty.
Me: You just went potty – now get in the bed.
Aya: Okay.

This is what you looked like soon after you got into the bed:
Nap TIme

You slept for 4 hours!

No posts in awhile

It’s been some time since I’ve posted something to this blog. I’m sure you can imagine with starting a new job, taking care of a 2 year old, and trying to please a demanding wife (just kidding honey) how busy I’ve been.

I promise though, I’ll start posting more soon.

Ayane Preschool


Yesterday was Ayane’s first day in preschool and I can’t believe it’s that time already. My baby girl is growing fast both mentally and physically..the next thing you know she’ll be telling me she’s getting married.

I’m proud of you Aya, they said you did a really good job on your first day and mommy said you cried when you had to leave. You must have had fun.

The Fierce Lion

The Fierce Lion

Your second Halloween but the first one that you actually went trick or treating. You liked being in your costume and you loved carrying around that little orange bucket for your candy (which you can’t eat by the way), but when it came to going up to each house you had a little problem.

When your mother and I tried to take you to one of the neighbors doors, you screamed and cried and didn’t want to go. However, if there were others kids there you happily trotted on up along with them and snagged your treats. You only made it to a few houses, but overall, I think you enjoyed the night.

Your mother on the other hand was a little disappointed. This was her first time trick or treating as well and she wanted to go to more houses. Maybe next year! :)

Corn Maze

This past weekend we took you to the Smith Family Farms in Brentwood. You had a great time with the animals and then the music in the barn (wish I would have gotten some video of you dancing to the music).

Here, you’re in the corn maze trying to find your way out with, of course, your parents taking video and pictures, we weren’t helping you much huh. At least we were there to comfort you when you took a little fall after tripping over some corn husks.

Dad, Photographer, and Geek